Thursday, April 19, 2018

On Israeli television: Discussion and Condemnation of the shootings of Gazans

Discussion of the shootings of Gazans on Israeli television

Video link appears above. Once again, I will stress, these are Jewish Israelis talking on Israeli television. Get that, Israelis. Israeli television. Israelis. No Arabs talking here, no "Palestinian propaganda" as some like to label everything and anything that questions anything the Israeli government does. This is Israeli television. Got that? Israelis. Israelis. Jews. Israelis. Are you following? All former military people. Israelis. Strangely, we often have to go to secular Israelis to find any traces left of humanity. Much of the Orthodox world has lost it.


  1. Hi. I didn't hear them mention Rav Hirsch once. They seem to be way above that anachronism. They are also not beating up Israeli soldiers on busses in Jerusalem. So, I respect their opinions. I would respect yours too had you set up a blog for your political fascination with deligitimizing the State in which you live (antithetical to Hirschian Derech Eretz). But you choose to pin it on Rav Hirsch, and there you draw some blowback. BTW, the NK do not oppose Israel's treatment of Palastinians. They oppose the medina even on their best day. So, honesty please.

  2. There are quite a few leftists in Israel. Just because someone is on tv, that doesn't mean that they are part of the mainstream.

    Ever heard the expression "liberal media"?