Monday, March 18, 2019

How far from Torah they are

[Note, this post does intend to take a position on voting, whether to do it or not, but intends rather to show what the elections teach us about the secularity of Israeli society.]

Of the two leading parties in the upcoming Knesset elections, one of them is the Blue and White party. It is expected to gain around 30 seats. Until recently, it was in the lead in the polls. To give you a sense of how far from Torah the leaders of Blue and White (and their followers) are, here is their platform as published by the Jewish Virtual Library [Comments in brackets are mine]

-A regional conference with Arab countries to “deepen the processes of separation from the Palestinians, while uncompromisingly protecting the security interests of the country and the Israeli army’s freedom of action everywhere.” [provoke the goyim by continuing to raid homes in Areas A and B which are supposed to be under Palestinian control]

-No further “disengagement.” [provoke the goyim]

-“Every historic diplomatic decision” to be decided by referendum or require a supermajority of the Knesset for approval. [their way of saying they don't want another disengagement and want instead a status quo of military occupation of the Palestinians, IOW, provoke the goyim]

-Strengthening “the settlement blocs” and normalizing life “anywhere Israelis live.” [provoke the goyim]

-The Jordan Valley to be the eastern security border of Israel. [provoke the goyim]

-A united Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital. [provoke the goyim]

-Preserving Israel’s Jewish identity while allowing individuals and communities the freedom to shape their own lifestyles. [means vague usage of a few Jewish symbols for identity as sprinkles on top of Chiloni cake and everything goes except for being Charedi]

-Preserving the Jewish Sabbath as the national day of rest while permitting activities that provide “a response to the needs of Israeli citizens as a whole.” [violate the Sabbath]

-Permitting local governments that wish to operate limited public transportation on Shabbat to do so.  [violate the Sabbath]

-Rescinding laws barring businesses from opening on Shabbat. [violate the Sabbath]

-Drafting ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students. [destroy Charedi life and values, Heaven forbid]

-Approving legislation to allow civil unions and surrogacy for LGBT families. [promote abomination]

-Amending the “nation-state law” to include equality as a fundamental constitutional principle. [pretend to be a democratic state with mumbo jumbo when really you are a race-based militaristic state]

One might try to argue that the peeling back of religious legislation could be libertarian in nature, but such an argument would fall apart due to their insistence on drafting Charedim, who the army does not need. They are not libertarian. Libertarians oppose peace time draft. Israel has not had a war requiring a full-scale national effort in half a century (and even that one was avoidable) And even non-libertarian societies allow for conscientious objection to a draft and exemptions for clergy. And even non-libertarian societies don't draft women even in times of war. Apparently, "allowing individuals and communities the freedom to shape their own lifestyles" doesn't apply to Charedim since the oppressively secular military culture would destroy Charedi society. 

Are they liberal? All the militaristic, settlement expansion, provoke the goyim, tough-guy talk is hardly liberal. The jingoism in Israel shocks gentile fascists.

Are they conservative? The LGBT stuff is far from conservative. And one can imagine that they are as abortion happy as the average Israeli. Ten percent of pregnancies in Israel end in abortion. Over 1 million abortions of Jewish babies have been performed since '48. That number should ring a bell. It's the amount of children murdered in the Holocaust.

So what are they? They do whatever they want. It's all giva and tiva. It's just opposition to Torah values. How else can you get every (or nearly every) issue wrong?

One will note that the first five items concern the Arabs and military matters. Certainly we are not in a time of geulah when peace will reign. Rather the land was taken by force against the oaths from the Gemara not to take the land by force. The rampant militarism in the culture and political platforms shows that.

You'd think maybe something about the economy would appear on their platform. Or health care. Or education. (Other party documents do reference the economy. This one by the JVL does not.) It's all about Arabs and being anti-Torah. This is what happens when military people lead your society. They live in a crazy-land of battle cries against enemies. 

And who are the enemies? The Arabs and the Charedim. The protect Jews talk is a show for if they really cared about Jews, maybe concerns about the economy or health-care would appear on the platform. In Eretz Yisroel today, at least 200 times more people die due to smoking-induced cancer than to any violence from Arabs. More die from second-hand smoke than terrorism. 25x more. More die in traffic accidents, around 6x more. Want an appointment with a Ears, Nose, and Throat doctor? You'll wait 2-3 months. A sonogram? In many cases, 2 months. But health and traffic safety are not on the platform. 

Here is their real platform:
provoke the goyim
oppress the Charedim
violate the Sabbath
promote abomination

Rav Hirsch told us a century and a half ago that we should never associate organizationally with secular Jews. We should impose Austritt, separation from them. We are talking organizationally, not individually. The state is exceedingly secular. (You could also call it idolatrous.) Always was and still is. Actually, it is more toxic than Reform was in Germany as at least there they weren't fascistic. They espoused universal values. One can argue that no Jew, and certainly no Charedi, should move to Eretz Yisrael while the secular state is in charge. It is so oppressive and so relentless. There's no Kaiser to keep them in line. It's Lord of the Flies.

Daven for the faithful Jews of Eretz Yisrael. They are in as much danger as Jews have been at any time in our history. The state is at war with religion and is provoking the gentiles and sinning on the land (4.5 million Sabbath violators) to such an extent that anything can happen. 

You can daven for the people of the Blue and White party as well. May Hashem help them to heal their minds and their souls.

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