Saturday, March 23, 2019

most bizzare election ad

"This is one of the most bizzare election ad you have ever seen: Israel's Minister of Justice (!!) Ayelet Shaked plays a model, sprays herself with 'Fascism' perfume and says: 'Smells like democracy to me'."   @BarakRavid

Shaked Political Ad  (Warning, the clothing is fairly modest but the whole vibe of the ad is not.)

Why is this ad so crazy? Because what they are trying to do in the general society in the Land of Israel is crazy. A military state that pretends to be, tries sometimes to be, a democracy. It's just impossible. Taking the land by force made everything normal impossible. You want to say the Arabs started the war? Doesn't matter. They didn't want a Jewish state so the Zionists took it by force. Whether the Arabs were reasonable or not in their rejection of the Partition Plan is a different matter. The Zionists still took it and continue to hold it via military force. That's rebelling against the nations. 

Times of Israel article on the ad.

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