Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Rinat bas Chedva

The gullable people at the Jewish Press don't realize that there is nothing about women in the IDF that's good news. It's all bad. There aren't merely flaws in the system. Drafting Charedim is a traife action and drafting women is doubly traife.

And continuing a story from last week, here's video of the Nachal "Charedi" soldiers beating a Palestinian father and son and celebrating the whole way through. Several of them confessed and have been sentenced to several months in prison.

Charedim should have no part of the IDF. Just leave us out of it please.

"Some people are proposing to take frum boys into the army in frum regiments. You should know that it’s a shtus. The army is made לכתחילה for the purpose of changing the minds of the boys in the army. It's a statement they made long ago. It's very long. And it's only a trick that they are using now to deceive the frummah into entering the army.  The truth is Am Yisroel has to keep out of the army. We have to maintain our privilege as all the countries give, rabbinical students are patur from the draft, exempt from the draft. Let's continue to fight for it, and not to yield, and not to listen to the מסיתים ומדיחים who are talking about frum regiments for frum boys." (Rabbi Avigdor Miller, “Fortunate Are You,” Audio # E-253, 1:15:52)

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