Sunday, March 3, 2019

Yeshiva World News needs to be put in Cherem

Yeshiva World News needs to be put in cherem. Look at this article. It's a propaganda piece for the military. There are absolutely many cases of women who are properly frum who have been harassed, tricked, arrested, and abused by the military which has orders to get as many charedi women as possible into the IDF. 

Kol Demama tells the story of one woman and how the draft office went to elaborate lengths to trick her into appearing in public in some manner of immodest dress. They had previously accused her of dressing immodestly so as to warrant her being drafted, but when she asked for evidence, they supplied photos of an entirely different person. Then she received multiple phone calls from a man who said he had a delivery of flowers for her and that she should come downstairs right away. She did so but found no one. This happened multiple times. After that, she was summoned to the draft office. She tells the rest of the story"

"When I entered the room, I noticed that the table was covered with photographs, and when I looked closer, I saw that they were photos of my mother and I, waiting outside our building on that Friday, waiting for flowers that never arrived. I realized that they had been trying to trap me, hoping that maybe early in the morning, or just before Shabbos, I would run down to the entrance not properly dressed because I was in a rush, and then they would have their ‘evidence’ against me." 

This woman received her exemption in the end which shows that the draft office was harassing a properly frum young woman. 

YWN is portraying the military as having only good intentions and the girls as being fraudulent. They side with rebels against the Torah and oppose frum people. There are many who get their news from this propaganda site. Is it being run or funded by the Israeli government? Could be. YWN is acting as a rodef, defaming frum people and siding with the atheistic rulers of the land.


YWN propaganda piece:

Chareidim Protest Induction Of Women Into The IDF At Central Induction Center [VIDEO]

Chareidim on Sunday morning held a protest outside the IDF Tel Hashomer induction base, protesting the drafting of women into the military.

In an accompanying photo, an elderly chareidi man is seen holding a poster which reads, “Even if you stand me in front of a firing squad, I will not serve”.

There have recently been a number of cases in which girls who have become frum over the years have been inducted, as the decision-makers in the IDF decided that they are not truly leading a religious lifestyle but are simply acting as they are to avoid military service. In some cases, women have been jailed over their refusal to be inducted, simply remaining in jail, hoping they will be released.

In December 2018, YWN-Israel reported about one girl, Rivka Hadjadj, who was arrested at Ben-Gurion Airport for not reporting to military service. She comes from a Chabad family, and because of some Facebook posts during a period she left a frum lifestyle, which she has returned to years ago, the military insists she is not Shomer Shabbos and mitzvos, and she was arrested and jailed.

It should be noted that there are confirmed cases where girls that are totally irreligious are using the excuse that they are “Frum” to avoid being drafted. There have also been cases of violent protests that were held on behalf of girls that turned out to be not Frum in the least. Some of those very same girls would literally be called “Shiksa” and spit upon (literally) by some of the very same protesters should they walk through Meah Shearim dressed the way they have been confirmed to dress all the time.


These Charedim-haters have the audacity to call themselves Yeshiva World News. They should call their site Yeshiva University News or Zionist News or Charedi-basher news or Worship of the State News. Heaven save us from these fools. I encourage all faithful Jews to boycott their site. Don't give them traffic. Don't contribute to their heresy.


  1. Just looking at your excerpt from YWN above: it gave examples of the government unjustly jailing girls; AND it stated that some non-religious girls pose as religious to avoid induction. Do you know for a fact that the latter untrue?

    Rav Hirsch in the later 1800s was against a Jewish government in Palestine; Rabbi Isaac Breuer and I believe R' Schwab criticized Religious Zionism. How on earth do you go from these authoritative TIDE opinions, to wanting to put a frum news outlet in cheirem for reporting both sides of a controversal issue involving the Israeli government?

    You associate TIDE with opinions that really reside with Satmar, Neturai Karta, and Leftists. On what basis? Please be specific.

  2. For example: did TIDE rabbonim or laymen ever make joint public statements or joint rallies with Satmar, Neturai Karta, or lehavdil Leftists, in condemning the existence of the Israeli government?

  3. Rav Shteinman always said that in most cases quiet Shtadlonus works better than any demonstration. Most of these demonstrations are Chilulei Hashem, run by hotheads that should leave their official position as Bnei Torah learning day and night, and go make a living.