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Anti-Charedism and Anti-Torah in the Land of Israel

The following is an article about abortion from the Jerusalem Post, one of the country's most "prestigious" newspapers. 

It is not an opinion piece officially. Not a letter to the editor. It's an article. It appears in the Israel News section. See the little category tags up top? It says Israel News. 

When there's an official opinion piece, it appears in the opinion section. 

See the little category tag up top. It says Opinion.

The article on abortion that is classified as news drops all journalistic objectivity when it comes to Charedim and traditional Jewish values. Look at some of these comments.

First, when the haredim got the abortion committees established, they never envisioned that they would become rubber stamps, and considered them a moral victory by having blocked a “right” to an abortion.
Next, as high as the approval rate is, the committees’ very existence does heavily discourage abortions and push people off the radar. Some experts estimate that half of the abortions in Israel are done illegally and outside the abortion committee system.
Reasons women might go this path could be: They do not realize the committees are a rubber stamp; they do not want to lie and say they will have mental problems; the child is from an affair; or that the committees’ process sometimes delays the abortion for a few weeks before it reaches a decision.
Haredim may not like this either, but they tend to prefer solutions that are off the radar which they do not have to publicly be a part of.

It doesn't refer to Haredi activitists, Haredi lobbyists, or Haredi elected politicians, but rather - the Haredim. They talk about us like we are some kind of bacteria or plague, some amorphous group of troublemakers. We are always up to something sinister, right? Reminds you of anti-Semitic chatter in 19th century Europe; those devious Jews -- that's the portrayal. Only here they slip in the word Charedim. Zionists claim that criticism of the Israeli government is really a disguised anti-Semitism. So what about broad condemnations of those Charedim? Isn't that the same thing? This is what passes for a mainstream institution of journalism in Israeli society. 

Look at that last statement: "off the radar" and "do not have to publicly be part of." Because Charedim are hypocrites right? We are crazy right?  We are unreasonable, out of control extremists, right?  So says the President of the Esavist state Reuven Rivlin. 

“There is a dangerous enemy that poses a threat to our joint [i.e. secular and religious] future… the extremists, including those who view induction of women into the army as …יהרג וא' יעבור ." (Kol Dimama 2:27)
A dangerous enemy! Extremists! And Rivlin is one of the more civilized sounding politicians. He talks about things like getting along and listening to each other. He has even criticized Israeli society. He said that Israel is a sick society that needs treatment. He even talks about rights for Arabs. But Charedim are a dangerous enemy to him. He doesn't consider that we view the army culture as a threat to our religion. Doesn't consider that. We are just enemies. We don't interfere with the army. Many of us even say tefillas that the soldiers should be safe. I have made tefillas like that. When a soldier gets hurt or killed, I generally feel sick the whole day. It pains me so. But no, we are enemies and dangerous enemies at that. He actually uttered these inflammatory remarks, this man who wants everyone to get along. This Israeli leader of many years, a statesman of the country who said about Israelis, “I’m not asking if they’ve forgotten how to be Jews, but if they’ve forgotten how to be decent human beings. Have they forgotten how to converse?” 

Seems he was referring to Israelis when they talk about Arabs. Evidentially, the importance of civilized conversation as the mark of a decent human being doesn't apply when talking about Charedim.

Can you image disparaging comments like that appearing in the Boston Globe? Imagine an American liberal politician in high office calling an American conservative the enemy, or vice versa. It would be a scandal. Look out when an Israeli leader calls you an enemy. They don't hesitate to drop American made bombs on your heads, Heaven save us, even though we are extremist.

Somehow having the most liberal abortion laws in the world, which the JPost article acknowledges the Zionist state as having, are not extreme. 

But back to the Jpost article. The JPost comments about Charedim are followed by this: "Besides that, the haredim have their own secrets to deal with. While there are no numbers, there is a phenomena of haredi women who get pregnant outside of marriage and whose situations are covered-up to avoid shame personally and to the community."

Phenomena? I suppose it's possible that there are a handful of abortions in the Charedi community each year that are not done to save the mother's life. But the numbers aren't even close to comparable. Could there be 2 or 3 maybe as compared to 10,000 abortions from the Chilonim. But the way this author puts it, you wouldn't know that. He leaves it vague, like he's exposing a widespread problem and pervasive hypocrisy.  It's just a pot shot, an expression of hostility. It's not professional journalism. It's just insults. That's how you talk about Charedim. You just dish out insults. That's OK in the State of Israel. It's not OK in the USA or England. But in Israel, no problem. When you discuss aliyah or different ways of going about Zionism, you express opinions. When you disparage Charedim, it's not opinion. It's fact. That's the way it works in Israel.

Look at this line:

On the liberal end, between 96% and 98% of women who seek state financing for an abortion are approved. Just as crucially, Israel approves abortions as late as the 40th week of pregnancy.
This is a very high rate and a very late approval deadline relative to any Western country, and makes the US look medieval with its first trimester cutoff.

So allowing abortions in the 40th week is somehow enlightened, but the approach in the US of stopping it after 3 months is medieval! 

Here's what "What to Expect" says about the 40th week. "It's the official end of your pregnancy - though your baby might not have gotten that memo." (Source) You hear that, your baby. At 40 weeks, it's a baby.

"The average length of a pregnancy is 40 weeks starting at the first day of your last menstrual period. The stages of pregnancy can also be broken down by months. There are 9 months and 1 week in an average pregnancy duration. The 9 months alone are comprised of 39 weeks (1 week short of 40) which is why the extra week is added." (The Pregnancy Realm)

Babies start to kick in the 4th or 5th month. Babies can live outside the womb at 22 weeks, around the same time. But in the Esavist state, the government approves and pays for the abortion of babies as late as the 40th week, on their due dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Israeli government allows for the killing of a baby that if allowed to exit the womb will be crying and breathing. If a boy, eight days later he'll get a bris and a name. If a girl, she'll get a name sooner that that. 

Baby at 40th week, just born

But the Jerusalem Post, in a news article, tells you how abortion in the 40th week is progressive, enlightened.

This is murder. Murderers! This is killing. Esav! It's the country of Esav. But to the Jerusalem post in an official article, not an opinion piece, any other approach is medieval, primitive, ignorant and the Charedim are up to some kind of dirty tricks for trying to stop it.

The State of Israel, the Mistake of Israel, its secular institutions, its press, its general society, is the most God-hating, Torah hating, religious Jew hating society on the planet. And that is real Antisemitism. Charedim are trying to uphold Jewish values. That makes them TOO Jewish. In Israel, they only want you to be a little Jewish. A tiny, little bit. Just a tiny, tiny litte bit, just enough to justify having a secular state, violently conquering the place,  and pushing out the local Arabs. Your grandmother was in Auschwitz. That's it. That's all the Judaism they want to see in you. In fact, that's the very kind they like to see because that in their eyes justifies the state since the military will provide the protection that God could not. That's not me talking -- I'm telling you how they see it in their heretical eyes. 

The Charedim are trying to save babies. And that makes the Jerusalem Post - a mainstream paper - just furious. The so-called haven for Jews, the place where they want to draft everyone into the anti-religious indoctrination camp called the military so that allegedly they can protect Jews, has violently killed (that's how abortion works, you have to kill something that's living) more than 1 million Jewish babies. The state approves of and pays for the majority of abortions. How dare those pesky Charedim, those menaces, those enemies, try to interfere with that? 

But it's not just the Jerusalem Post or the President. It's also the government ministers and radio hosts. If you can tell me how the anti-Charedi sentiments in the Esavist state sound any different from those of Nazi Germany, I'd be interested in hearing it. The Nazis called us parasites and the Chilonim call us parasites.

The State of Israel:

“They are useless,” he said, “they don’t produce anything, don’t contribute anything, they don’t plant a tree or a tomato, don’t manufacture high-tech.” 

“They are parasites of the worse kind, and as far as I am concerned – if it was realistic – I would pack them up in one package and send them to their primitive brothers in the dark courtyards of Brooklyn, Queens and all the other places they should live in; let Americans handle them.” (Source)

Of the worst kind. The worst! Wouldn't a parasite of the worst kind be one that latches his teeth onto your neck and literally sucks your blood or eats your flesh or something like that. The worst kind! This is Nazi talk.

The first guy is a radio host, the second guy, Mickey Levy is the deputy finance minister!

The former defense minister said, "the time has come that something be demanded of them in return for once”and "we won’t allow for the whole country to become Shtreimel wearers”. That's like an American leader mocking the baseball cap, l'havdil. Lieberman doesn't like shtreimels. Meanwhile, the male ancestors of the majority of the Ashkenazi residents of the country wore shtreimels. If he is actually Jewish, then his likely did too. 

And then there's Zionists of every type and stripe:

Note the quote used in the subtitle, got to get the word parasites in there. Sums up how the JPost feels about it. Doesn't say much for the schools of journalism at Israeli universities. 

Some examples from the article:

“It’s shocking because a lot of the protest is illogical,” said Aurora Carlson. “Why shouldn’t they contribute to the public good? Why should they be parasites? I view this as desperate, because they’re scared to take any responsibility for the land they live in.”

Any responsibility? In Israel, there's only one kind of action that is deemed indicative of a sense of responsibility evidently. Military service. That's it. If you don't do that, you must be a bum. Somehow the military is a universal value in Israel. It's the religion really, the state religion. Sorry, Charedim have a different religion. 

Don Graber said, “This would be more honorable if they didn’t accept money from the state and benefit from it in so many ways,” he said. “But it’s not honorable, because they take hundreds of millions [of shekels] in welfare and give nothing in return.”

Nothing in return? In the eyes of the typical Israeli, the only way to contribute to a society is via the military. If you don't do that, you are doing nothing. At the least they can do national service, they say. 

Do these communists need a course in capitalism? Is the only way to contribute to a society via a government program where you do make work. Doesn't a guy with a plumbing business contribute to society? How about a teacher? According to IDF radio correspondent Yossi Joshua, the military has 17,000 soldiers too many. So does a young person contribute to society by being yet another solider who is not needed? Or can he contribute more by doing something in the private sector? Israelis think they gave up socialism and now have a free enterprise system, but they still have this nostalgia for government control of people's lives.

Meanwhile, most Charedim work. The State of Israel has a paltry welfare system and a high cost of living. Nobody can live on the meager government handouts. Charedim are not getting their money from the Israeli government. But why would a Charedi hater ever check facts? No need when it comes to Charedim. Rather, just pass along what  you heard from your loudmouth uncle. And every Israeli has a loudmouth uncle.

I say again, young Charedi males are not allowed to work lest they lose their draft exemption and be forced into the heretical brainwashing machine called the military. The biggest source of unemployment in the Charedi community is the Israeli government and the Israeli obsession with its military.

The typical government kollel stipend is $100 a month. You can't get an apartment for less than $1,000 a month in most places. In Jerusalem, it's quite a bit more. Charedim are not living on government handouts. In fact, the paltry yeshiva grants are a money maker for Israel. For every dollar the government gives to yeshiva gadolas 6 dollars are raised in overseas contributions. That money goes into the Israeli economy. The Israeli yeshiva system is a profit center for Israel. That's for operational costs. On top of that are construction donations. If you see any Charedi building of any quality in Israel, you'll see also place names like Brooklyn or Los Angeles on it. The money doesn't come from the Israeli government. It comes from overseas Charedi donors and goes into the Israeli economy. 

Meanwhile, Haaretz reported some time ago that the State of Israel has received more than a quarter of a trillion dollars from the American government over the decades. That plus the billions and billions supplied by donors in chutzeh l'aaretz, pushkas and bonds and trees for the JNF. Handouts and handouts and handouts. How quickly they forget!!! Israel gets 4 billion dollars a year from the US government even as it claims to be an affluent society with a cutting edge technology. So it claims. But the Charedim are parasites. Ah the hypocracy.

In this article in the rag called the Jerusalem Post, there's a photo of some soldiers walking past some Charedi boys at a protest. The Post puts this caption on the photo

  IDF soldiers help provide security for the protest.. (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)

In case you think I'm making this up:

I have seen a few protests in my day, there is no security offered by the military, nor the police. It's not necessary with regard to Charedi actions. Outside of burning a garbage can or two (which happens some of the time), there's no vandalism or violence, except by the police. You see how non-violent the Charedim are because the police walk right up to them, which is something they do don't with Arabs. It is non-violent, civil disobedience. If the police do anything, it's arrest people. The Charedim need protection from the police. They also need protection from Chilonim who I have seen beat and spray mace at Charedim. The JPost caption is so obnoxious and ridiculous. It's a pure lie. It's a 100% lie. This is the Jerusalem Post, the main Anglo paper of the alleged capital city. And these people claim to have a modern Western democracy with respectable institutions. 

And speaking of propagandists and liars:

Nazi Germany:

Translation: the Jew as world parasite. 

“Whenever the strength of the soaring Nordic spirit begins to weaken, the earth-bound Ahasver sucks on the tiring muscles; whenever a wound appears in a nation’s body the Jewish demon finds the sick place and as a parasite benefits from the weak moments of the world’s great. He does not wish to achieve domination through the heroism of battle, but rather to make the world “pay” (zinsbar machen) the fantastically strong parasites. Not fight, but inflitrate, not advance values but exploit decay, that is the law that he follows and can never escape — so long as he lives." (Alfred Rosenberg writes about the Jews in The Myth of the Twentieth Century in G. G. Otto, Der Jude als Weltparasit (Munich: Eher Verlag, 1943)
Note how the Nazi propaganda condemns Jews for not being interested in being part of German militarism. Sound familiar?
The world has sufficient space for settlements, but we must once and for all get rid of the opinion that the Jewish race was only created by God for the purpose of being in a certain percentage a parasite living on the body and the
productive work of other nations. (Adolf Hitler, January 30, 1939, Shoah Research Center

[N.H. Baynes, ed., The Speeches of Adolf Hitler, I, London, 1942, pp. 737-741. See Document 4.] 

Oh yes, the Nazis called us parasites as do many Israelis.

And like Israelis, the Nazis called us enemies.

State of Israel
 "In Israel the supposed enemy is the Charedi society. The media is obsessed with it and the only thing apparently that Israel has to fear is that there will soon be more Charedim in its midst. But again this is a false enemy." R' Berel Wein
 Tiveria Mayor Ron Kobi, who won in a landslide said during the campaign, “It is preferable to have an(d) Arab city than a chareidi one.” You can imagine what he says about Arabs. And Tiberia is one of the four holy cities of Israel. The Rambam is buried there! But the mayor doesn't want religious Jews there. He thinks the Keneret is for water skiing. And as we showed earlier:
“There is a dangerous enemy that poses a threat to our joint [i.e. secular and religious] future… the extremists, including those who view induction of women into the army as …יהרג וא' יעבור ." Israel President Reuven Rivlin (Kol Dimama 2:27)

Nazi Germany
The Jewish watchword "Workers of the world unite"will be conquered by a higher realization, namely "Workers of all classes and of all nations, recognize your common enemy!" (Adolf Hilter, 1939)
[Shoah Research Center, Yad v'Shem, N.H. Baynes, ed., The Speeches of Adolf Hitler, I, London, 1942, pp. 737-741. See Document 4.]

Is that enough examples for you? Shall I go on for a 100 more pages? This kind of talk, these kinds of attitudes permeate the society. I grew up in America where I didn't experience much anti-Semitism. Very little. I didn't understand anti-Semitism until I moved to the land of Israel. Only there did I learn what it's like to be hated, to be slandered, lied about, despised. 

The most anti-Semitic society on earth is Israeli society. If you want to understand Jewish history, if you want to get a sense of the persecution that your ancestors endured, if you want to see what your great-great grandmother's grandmother went through living in a society whose state religion differed from hers, who had to fight, to battle in order to keep the Torah, battle against enemies of God, then come to Israel. I don't recommend it, but you will learn something if it doesn't destroy you.

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