Saturday, July 13, 2019

Charedi Power?

An old Jewish man in Nazi-era Europe used to read antisemitic newspapers. When asked why he said that it cheered him up. It says here that Jews run the banks, courts, universities, newspapers, and unions. I had no idea, he said. What good news. Likewise, in the State of Israel, an entire election will be repeated for the first time all because of fear of Charedi power. Last time I checked, there has never been a Charedi Prime Minister, President, Supreme Court Judge, Defense Minister, Chief of Military Staff, army general, Shin Bet or Mossad chief, newspaper or television station chief, major university president, Bank of Israel head, or head of any bank. Charedim have among the lowest standards of living in the country, but somehow we hold all this power. Must be magical. Who knew? What good news. 

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