Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Hamodia: Israeli Police Officer Suspended for Brutality Against Chareidi Man

Beit Shemesh Police claimed that local resident Mordechai Kreuzer attacked officers and resisted arrest. “During the arrest an officer was injured in the leg, causing a fracture,” police said. 
However, video shows the police officer approach Kreuzer, shove him into a minivan, and strike him in the face, yanking his hair and dragging him by his peyos toward police vehicles. The man who was identified by the news outlet Kikar Shabbat as Beit Shemesh resident Mordechai Kreuzer, does not appear to resist. 

Kreuzer claimed that he was standing outside his home together with his wife and children observing the protest when a police officer collided with him and began to beat him. 
“He told me ‘you’re going to die today,’” Kreuzer told Kikar Shabbat. “He pulled my peyos — it was humiliating and painful. If he had pulled a little harder, they would have been torn. I couldn’t do anything, not even resist, and they say that I attacked police,” Kreuzer said. (Hamodia)

Times of Israel: Cop suspended after video shows him pulling ultra-Orthodox man by sidelocks

Hint: the police learn to treat people like this during their stint in the military when dealing with Palestinians. What we allow them to do there comes back to haunt us. It's like when Americans applaud the brutality that goes on in American prisons. They'll get what they deserve people say. But few stay in prison forever. At some point the convicts get out and unleash the brutality on the public. 

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