Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Idolatry of Militarism

An askan who escorts bocherim/yungerleit to their court cases, relates this week’s cases: A working boy was arrested on chol hamoed pesach. He has undergone much difficulty in his life, including never knowing his father. After twelve hearings, this week he was crushed when handed a sentence of one hundred and thirty days in jail. Another story; a yungerman was arrested this week, nine months after his wedding. In his present jail setting, he’s only allowed seven minutes a day to call home. Another story; a bocher who attended a special ed cheder, was sentenced to seventy five days in jail. Even the secular lawyer expressed his disgust at such an unjust court system. 
Updates: Orah Chaya bas Bruria has been fully released from the threat of imprisonment. She does still need to attend a hearing in two weeks. She also does not yet have an army exemption. 
Daniel ben Haddasah Ki-Tov, the jailed bocher, refuses to wear army clothes, as a punishment he is forced to sit in solitary confinement. (The Sentry)

Post script: I know this bochur and his family. In fact, I know of two bochurim who are sitting in prison. Nice boys who have no business being in a jail. They are as far from criminals as young men can be. However, an army that does not need them, that has 17,000 soldiers too many, that is so obsessed with militarism that it has the 5th most powerful army in the world even though it is the 100th largest nation in the world, that hasn't been attacked by another army in 50 years and was attacked that time in a limited assault that was avoidable by diplomacy (and arguably was just the aftershock of the war that the Zionists started in '67), is the false religion of a heretical nation called the State of Israel. And that state which is essentially a military dictatorship, demands that all Jews practice its idolatrous religion call militarism. If an arrested draft resister refuses to put on the pagan attire, ie a military uniform, he or she is put into solitary confinement. There are teenage Jewish frum boys and girls sitting in solitary confinement. This is called torture. Clothing is very important to religious Jews. We have all sorts of rules about clothing and about not wearing the clothing of gentiles. The State of Israel does not respect the religious rights of Charedi Jews. The so-called only democracy in the Mideast, which denies voting rights to a third of the people living under its rule, is not actually a democracy. It is a tyranny of the majority. True democracies give the right to vote to all and respect the rights of minorities. Israel, as any Ethiopian or Arab can tell you, doesn't do that. It is a pretend democracy just as it is a pretend haven for Jews. 

All you Orthodox Jews who didn't have any compassion on the Palestinians, that operated under the ridiculous notion that they all constitute the enemy (when in reality only some of them do), that turned away from 70 years of reports of horrible abuses by the Israelis, that weren't moved by concepts like justice and compassion, that only cared about your own group, well know the Israels are coming for you now. And they are trained in brutality. They are idol worshipers and such people are capable of every bad thing.

One way we know that the militarism is idolatry is by most of the people who comment on this blog. I have made more 830 posts here. I post material about minhag ashkenaz, I post words from Rav Hirsch, mostly recently on the idea of loving God, I post long divrei Torah from guest writers. I post about classical music. I post about different personalities who pursue Torah im Derech Eretz. On these themes, I hardly ever get a comment. If I make posts on how Jewish boys and girls are being abused by the secular authorities, I never get a comment. Nobody seems upset by that. If I highlight the state's liberal abortion laws and its killing of babies in their 9th month of pregnancy, I hear nothing from those who leave comments. But if I criticize the military in any way, even to say they really shouldn't be shooting journalists, children, and medics, I get complains of outrage, just about every time. If I question Dati Leumi doctrine that says for example that the 6-day war was not a miracle but a war which as historian Benny Morris says where the stronger side won, I'll get a dozen comments of complaint, of outrage. 

The people who leave these comments are idol worshipers.  I always wondered, how did the Jews of old worship idols. Didn't they know it was wrong? Didn't they read the thousand warnings against idol worship in the Torah? Didn't those Jews of old say shema twice a day?

And I have learned from the people who leave comments on this blog (except for Sara) that they justify it. Their heads get in this crazy knot of logic and they somehow deem their action to be in accordance with Judaism and even noble. It's incredible to watch it. It gets to the point where the suffering of Jewish teenagers doesn't even move them. Their hearts have become metallic, like steel, the material used to make weapons, the weapons that they worship like gods.


  1. So, a person can believe in all 13 Principles, agree with all of Rav Hirsch's critiques of Zionism, and acknowledge that, like every government and army in history, the Israeli government and army have included evil people, and have made evil decisions tragic mistakes, for which they should be held to account.

    But if he or she states that the vast majority of the Israeli army personnel are dedicated to protecting innocent lives, both Jewish and Arab, and should have our support on that basis, he or she is an idol worshipper.

    If the above correctly summarizes your position, you have consigned the overwhelming majority of Torah Jews to the category of Idol Worshipper.

    Did you ask a posek about this?

  2. Since you are asking ehrliche people to go away,becuase they disagree with your factional rhetoric, can I ask that you take Rav Breuer's picture off of your page. He is my family's Rov and he was not similar to you. In fact members of his family tell me that he saw eye-to-eye with his brother Isaac Breuer zt'l the Agudist. Thank you.

  3. The Ponevezher Rav, Rav S. Y. Kahaneman zt'l, had the Israeli flag flying on Yom HaAtsmaut. Would you say the same about him?

  4. I think there are indeed people whose feelings for the Israeli military unfortunately border on idolatry (in the loose sense, not in the strict sense). But I don't think that Avi or Mendel are such people.

    Most of your posts just don't address topics which are controversial for Hirschians. So you don't get any comments.

    One can disagree with some of what you write about the military without quasi-worshipping the military.