Sunday, August 11, 2019

City of Beit Shemesh Razes Another Shul

The city of Beit Shemesh and its Dati Lemi mayor just destroyed another shul, smashing the Aron Kodesh to the ground. Anybody who voted for this woman (against the decree of a broad array of the Litvitsh, Chasidish, and Sephardi gadolim), has a hand in the destruction of this shul as well as the one the city destroyed a few months ago. 

One reads the utter lies in the Israeli press about the alleged power of Charedim in Israel. But here in one of the few cities that actually has a Charedi presence, that is thought of by people who don't know any better as a Charedi city, one sees how little power Charedim have in Israel. If Charedim had power, they'd certainly be able to stop the destruction of a shul in a Charedi neighborhood. 

You have to think that there is some way the city and the shul could have resolved whatever permit problems were going on here. The shul is located on a desolate road. There is nothing else there and the land is not in use. Settlers constantly build in desolate areas and the government hooks them up to water and electricity in the hope that a village and city will develop. 

Similarly, decades ago, the Israeli military seized over 5,000 acres of Palestinian land in the Jordan valley security reasons. However, settlers took that seized land and created the settlements of  Bekaot, Gitit, Yeitav, Mehola, Ma’ale Efraim, Niran, Netiv Hagdud, Ro’i and Rimonim. In 1979, the High Court of Justice issued a decision barring such exploitation of security-related land seizures. However, the settlements have remained. But a tiny little shul on unused land cannot remain. 

Also in the news, as chilonim in their hysteria continue to rant that Israel is heading toward a theocracy, the Nazareth District Court last Sunday barred the municipality of Afula from holding a gender-segregated musical performance at a public park. The city holds something like 360 events a year. And the Orthodox Jewish community wanted to hold just one event and to set it up so men and women would be separate - you know, according to the halacha. But the court overruled them on the grounds that such was a violation of principles of equality. Some theocracy. If the men and women want to be separate who is being treated unequally? The plan was to sit separately in the same amphitheater, so nobody was to get superior seats. I wonder if the court would be bothered that at most kiddushes that I have attended in Israel, the women get much better deserts as well as salads. The men tend to just get Yerushalmi kugel and ruggelach. The women get these gourmet chocolates. Not fair!

One has to explain this to many chilonim but racism and sexism is when one treats groups differently just out of dislike or selfishness. But when the treatment is for practical reasons - example separate bathrooms by gender - then it's not discrimination. Is the court going to disallow women's rooms too? What about different grades in schools. Is that discrimination? Should everyone be in the same class? What about separate wings of Haddasah hospital for oncology and maternity? Is that discrimination? These judges who have lived their entire lives in sin may not understand but when men and women intermingle the psyche is affected in negative ways. These judges are numb to it but we as religious people are reporting that this matters to us. Does a judge get to impose his values on the entire society or does the state of israel act like a democracy and respect what people want to do with their own lives? 

This wasn't even a street event. It was to be held in an amphitheater where secular people were not going to be for the entertainment was designed for religious people.  Yet, somehow, it's OK for the streets of Jerusalem, where religious people do traverse, to be used by homosexuals in their annual parade. That's not considered discrimination. 360 other days a year the amphitheater is used by chilonim with mixed seating. Why isn't that discrimination against charedim or people that want separate seating?

We see that left-wing talk about respect for all cultures only applies to liberal/decadent culture. We see that the Charedim in Israel are not a powerful group and need the support of Jews worldwide. 

"Though liberals do a great deal of talking about hearing other points of view, it sometimes shocks them to learn that there are other points of view."

William F. Buckley, Jr.

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