Thursday, September 19, 2019

Big Brother Is Watching You

The eye in the sky in Ramat Beit of Beit Shemesh is complete. And it's a whopper of a camera. Talk about surveillance state. 

There seem to be three cameras here and if I'm not mistaken the two on top allow for panning and closeups. At the top, there appears to be an antenna. So this isn't just a camera that records. It is rather one that continuously sends images back to police headquarters. In other words, the police in this alleged democracy are watching us all day long. How creepy. We are a reality show now.

Where did they get the cash for this? The post office is open half the day, but for this they have money.

But why? Is the corner of Ayalon and Yehuda HaNasi in Ramat Beit a crime zone? Actually, I would say that it's one of the safest neighborhoods in the country. It's like a shtetl. Children in long payus running around. Very modest ladies pushing strollers. Men in long coats hustling off to shul. It's very safe and very frum. It is an incredible place.

Well it was like a shtetl and it was an incredible place. Now the Chiloni police can stare at us all day long. They can watch the women and the young women. They are recording us. Let us not be naive. How creepy. 

What is the real reason for this? Is it the tznius sign? Or is it part of the larger war against Charedim in the country that has the nerve to call itself israel?

As usual, the action came with lies. With this camera, they'll be able to find lost children. Why then this corner? Why not in Grand Park in Petak Tikva? Why not on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel-Aviv? Why not at the corner of Ayalon and Dolev in Bet Shemesh, the Dati Leumi neighborhood?  No children there? Maybe they only care to rescue Charedi children.

They either think we are stupid or just that they are so smart. Maybe they are stupid.

As far as I am concerned, the secular authorities have ruined one of the best places on earth. They own the whole country as it is. If you do any traveling in Eretz Yisroel you'll see that once you leave the handful of Charedi communities, it's all Chilonim. From river to sea, it's atheists, men with shaved heads and hot tempers, and women dressed like you know what. A few times, I have taken a train ride from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv to Haifa and back. That's the main part of the country. Could have been Romania except there you'd see some churches. There's nothing Jewish about it. Same thing happens when you travel to Beersheva in the South or Rosh Pina in the North. In the North, other than small sections of Safed, Carmiel, and Tiberias (who has an openly anti-religious mayor), and a few graves of Tanaim, you are dealing with Chilonim who have no interest in spiritual life. In other words, it's one big cemetery. 

I will admit that the activists who reinstalled the sign each time the city removed it may have erred. The Brisker Rav warned us, you don't start up with the wicked. He once told Rav Amram Blau zt'l, would you start up with the Russians? 

Zionism creeps into everyone. Not realizing how bad these people are is a symptom that Zionism has found its way inside you. In my view, the Palestinians have this problem. 

The holiness of this neighborhood just dropped around 50%. Maybe it's all gone. A little pork ruins the whole bowl of soup. 

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