Wednesday, September 11, 2019

We have been here before

Nazi Germany:

Adolf Hitler describing army service in Nazi Germany, May 1, 1934:
"a national and social melting pot for the education of a new German human being." 
(Daily Life in Hitler's Germany, Dr. Matthew Seligman, Dr. John Davison, John MacDonald, Thomas Dunne Books, p. 168)

Hitler also predicated citizenship on army service: 

"The rights of citizenship shall be conferred on every young man whose health and character have been certified as good, after having completed his period of military service. This act of inauguration in citizenship shall be a solemn ceremony. And the diploma conferring the rights of citizenship will be preserved by the young man as the most precious testimonial of his whole life. It entitles him to exercise all the rights of a citizen and to enjoy all the privileges attached thereto. For the State must draw a sharp line of distinction between those who, as members of the nation, are the foundation and the support of its existence and greatness, and those who are domiciled in the State simply as earners of their livelihood there.
(Adolph Hilter, Mein KampfVolume Two - The National Socialist Movement, Chapter III: Subjects and Citizens)

The army as a cultural training camp that should be mandatory on all:
"The army trained men in idealism and devotion to the fatherland and its greatness while everywhere else greed and materialism had spread abroad. It educated a single people in contrast to the division into classes and in this perhaps its sole mistake was the institution of voluntary one-year enlistment." 
(Adolph Hilter,  Mein Kampf)

The Zionist State:

The military as a tool for molding young people into a model:
“It is clear to us all that army service is of value not just in a military sense, but, much more significantly, as a national value. IDF service is a unifying force in the nation. I'm sure I don't need to explain this … so if you want to propose [an alternative form of service], you have to take this nation-building aspect into account...[Only] the army has the capacity to absorb young people at critical age when they are forming their personalities, and mold them into the desired model … It's hard to estimate the value of this, but my feeling is that it's immense.”
(Yair Golan, 2019, now running for election to the Knesset in Ehud Barak’s new party Israel Democratic Party in Kol Demama, parshas Shoftim, Vol. 2, Issue 30)
The military not for national defense but as a value:
“Military service was always a top value in the worldview of the nationalist camp.”
(Former Israeli Minister of Defense, Avigdor Liberman, 2019)
These attitudes, expressed THIS YEAR, trace back to the founding of the country:
"The first Israeli prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, led a trend to blend the many immigrants who, in the first years of the state, had arrived from Europe, North Africa, and Asia, into one 'melting pot' that would not differentiate between the older residents of the country and the new immigrants. The original purpose was to unify the newer immigrants with the veteran Israelis for the creation of a common Hebrew culture, and to build a new nation in the country.
"Two central tools employed for this purpose were the Israel Defense Forces, and the education system. The Israel Defense Forces, by means of its transformation to a national army, would constitute a common ground among all civilians of the country, wherever they are. The education system, having been unified under Israeli law, enabled different students from different sectors to study together at the same schools."
(Wikipedia, "The Culture of Israel")
Ben-Gurion in his own words:
"There is need for Zionist control of the public. There is need for a channel by whose means the message of Zionism will be transmitted to every man and woman."
(Ben Gurion, in his diary, in Zvi Zameret, the Melting Pot, pp. 47-8) 
"And there will not come into being among us an army which will fulfill its function in our historical circumstances, if it is not accompanied by a tremendous educational effort, more than in all the armies of the world. The army must serve as a school for maturing youth, a crucible shaping the unity of the nation and its might and culture."
(Ben Gurion, January 1949, at a gathering of members of the free professions, in the Melting Pot, p.48) 
"The ingathering of the exiles is a very important matter, and the army can be a great instrument in creating a unified nation, in shaping its cultural image....If we know how to exploit this year wisely for appropriate educational purposes, this can be a historical turning point in the education of the youth....the uniting of this human dust, that which is in the country and that which comes from abroad, into one nation, a cultured nation with a common goal -- this can be a revolutionary factor in shaping the character of the nation." 
(Ben Gurion "at a consultation to clarify issues of cultural activity within the IDF" at General staff headquarters, 19 September, 1949 in the Melting Pot, p. 49 – 50)  
And who were those veteran Israelis that the newer immigrants were intended to blend with?
“The war was definitely not a jihad or a religious war on the Israeli side. On the Israeli side, the Jewish population in Palestine, the yishuv, was 90% secular at the time. And the leadership of the yishuv was almost totally secular. The military leadership, the political leadership. It was a very secular society. You get an optical illusion when you look back from 2016 when Israel has become much more religious or a larger part, segment of its population is religious. But in 1948 the people who counted and actually the vast majority of the population was of course non-religious. In fact they were children, or actually the people themselves, who had rebelled against religion. This is what Zionism was all about, partly, against rebelling against the old world of their fathers, which was a religious world. They rebelled also against God. So they didn’t approach the war at all as a religious war, not the generals, not the politicians, not Ben-Gurion, not Sharet, not Allon, not Dayan. They were irreligious people. Maybe even they were anti-religious, so the religious people saw them.”
(Israeli historian Benny Morris on “A New Look at the 1948 Arab-Israeli War,” Wilson Center, 43:15)
"Since I invoke Torah so often, let me state that I don't personally believe in the God it postulates ... I am not religious, nor were the majority of the early builders of Israel believers."
(David Ben-Gurion, Jewish Virtual Library)
And Herzl:
"Approximately two years ago, I wanted to solve the Jewish problem, in Austria at any rate, with the aid of the Catholic leaders there. I sought an audience with the Pope in order to tell him: 'Help us against anti-Semitism, and I will generate a mass movement of Jews to convert to Christianity freely and proudly.'" (Herzl's Diaries)
"The leaders of the movement - particularly myself - will remain Jews, and as Jews they will call for the acceptance of the dominant religion. On Sunday at noon, the conversion will be carried out with a festive procession and the ringing of bells. Not in shame, as individuals have done in the past, but with pride. The fact that the leaders will preserve their Jewishness and remain outside while they lead the masses to the church doors will lend distinction to the entire matter and invest it with a sense of great sincerity.  
"We courageous ones would have to be an interim generation. We would still maintain our ancestral faith, but we would baptize our young children before they reach the age of independent decision, a time when conversion to Christianity becomes either a frightening experience or a stepping-stone to a higher station."
(Theodore Herzl, in his diary, 1895, in Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Sonnenfeld, Guardian of Jerusalem, p 351, footnote 1.) 
Now do you see why the Charedim want no part of the army? It's not because they are bums, it's not because they are ingrates. It's because the army was designed from the beginning as a tool of assimilation by people who rebelled against God and Torah. Just as the Nazis used the army as a brainwashing machine -- to great effect -- the Zionists do the same. To Charedim, God through Torah is the purpose of life. There's no point to being alive if you are an apostate. Doesn't matter who the IDF allegedly saves you from if you are an apostate because you have lost the life that matters, eternal life.  

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