Wednesday, September 18, 2019

What will we do?

The latest election again produced no ruling coalition, no clear winner, except one: Avigdor Liberman's party went from 5 seats to 9 and now has even greater ability to dictate what kind of government we will get.

From the Times of Israel:
Kingmaker Avigdor Liberman appears outside his “castle” in the settlement of Nokdim, offering the gathered masses a royal promise that he will not allow a third round of elections but will also not waste time haggling.
Liberman lays out his demands — a secular wishlist including the ultra-Orthodox military draft, allowing transportation and commerce on Shabbat, Haredi education standards and other measures — and says he does not plan on speaking to any other party leaders until they meet his preconditions. 
That's his wishlist. With all the problems facing the country - economy, security, health, transportation, corruption, crime - he is interested only in opposing Charedim. He wants to violate Shabbos, change Charedi education, and destroy Charedi life via the military. That's all he cares about. We know from many sources that the military is already overstaffed. It does not need Charedim. Yet, Liberman has the entire country hanging on this issue.

Remember that monster, may his name be erased, who ruled Germany in the 1930s and 40s, how obsessed he was with Jews? Even as war raged in Europe, even as his country was being bombed to smithereens and millions of his fellow Germans were being killed, he remained obsessed with the Jews. It is commonly accepted among Jewish scholars that he was "from the seed of Amalek," the latter being the nation that tried to annihilate the Jews after they left Egypt at the time of the exodus. The same is said of Haman in the Purim story. Both attempted a complete genocide of the Jews. 

In the 1930s, Rav Elchonon Wasserman (1875-1940) wrote:
The Torah teaches here that the war against Amalek exists in all generations until the coming of the messiah. However, the "Amalek" is not always the same. In the olden days when the Jewish people was ruled only by Torah, the enemies were the descendants of Amalek in the gentile world. But ever since we have thrown off the yoke of the Torah, the seed of Amalek thrives in our midst. We now have many who violate the Torah out of spite, such as the Yevsekses – Jewish Communists – who live not only in the Soviet Union but in all of the world, wherever there are Jews, and also in Palestine. The Hellenizers there are the same Yevsekses – there is no difference between them, except that these write in Yiddish and those write in modern Hebrew…
People are so ignorant today, that a large percentage of Jews support them with money, so that they might be bigger and stronger. They do not know or understand the word of Hashem, "When the wicked blossom like grass, when all sinners flower, it is in order to destroy them forever." (Tehillim 92:8) And when that time comes, woe to those who support them or flatter them! And it is as clear as the sun that the Land will vomit them out, for it is the King's palace and it does not support sinners, much less those who sin out of spite. (I am not coming here to curse or to bless, but since these things are written in the Torah we must admit that they will come true.
We must not err and think that all those who follow the Zionists are from the seed of Amalek. G-d forbid to say so; we are talking here only about their heads and leaders, teachers and guides, writers and speakers – these are from the seed of Amalek, standing at the front of their armies to do battle with the Holy One, blessed is He. But all the multitudes of Jews who join them are merely following like a herd of animals. (Omer Ani Maasai Lemelech, paragraphs 5-6)

Rav Elchonon Wasserman

Here we are again. Two-thirds of Charedi Jewry lives in the country that has the nerve to call itself israel. The powers of immorality and heresy today are like never before in history and the technology to blast them into your soul is like never before. Judaism is being decimated before our very eyes. Yes, there are men in yeshiva, but emunah, bitachon, tznius, and middos are under a terrible assault. One has to look beneath the surface. Take away the yeshivas (Heaven forbid) and what are we left with? 

Most of religious Jewry lives under an anti-religious regime. And it is ruthless. This isn't Denmark. The rulers of this country are angry, arrogant, and violent. They practiced this violence on the Palestinians for decades as we looked the other way or even cheered them on. Now they are coming for us.

Exile is a protection for Judaism. If we are scattered, we are harder to destroy. The fact is since the founding of the state many times more Jews have been murdered in the state that erroneously calls itself israel than outside it. 100x more. So the state doesn't even provide physical protection. And the spiritual situation is just as bad. Our lives hinge now on elections as we have put ourselves under one ruler. The Talmud warned us not to do this. The people of the Mizrachi movement would not listen to the Talmud, and they seduced quite a few other people with their fairy tales. 

Now we are faced with grim reality. We see that Zionism is a betrayal of Judaism. It is as Rav Avigdor Miller said, the "anti-thesis" of Judaism. 

The Modern Orthodox will tell you that "israel is thriving." You see where their loyalties lay. They get dizzy with joy from the sight of construction cranes and the latest American jets. To them, that's thriving. People will tell you that Israeli society is less materialistic than Jewish American society. That's incorrect. It's just as materialistic, but it's a different kind of materialism. Militarism is materialism. 

As Rabbi Avigdor Miller pointed out, Lemech had sons that produced the earliest technology: metallurgy, tents enabling people to leave caves and herd animals through a nomadic lifestyle, and musical instruments. His daughter also contributed by inventing social graces that made people classier. None of these people survived the flood. Only Noach and his family survived as Noach was righteous and righteousness is what matters, not technology.

So I ask you is "israel" thriving? Is emunah thriving? Is bitachon thriving? Is avodas Hashem thriving? Is tznius thriving? Is integrity thriving? Is chesed thriving?

It is very difficult to thrive in those areas in a place like this. I saw recently a news account of a horrible murder of some children in Florida. The police chief was shaking as he talked about it and commented on how the killer will be punished when he faces God on judgement day. Show me the Israeli police chief that talks that way. 

During his campaign Liberman, the former defense minister, went out of his way to violate the Sabbath in public. From the Jerusalem Post:

He visited the BIG shopping mall in Ashdod, where in January 2018 he spent time on Shabbat shopping in protest at the “mini-market law” passed by the ultra-Orthodox parties, which prevented municipal authorities from allowing greater levels of commercial activity in their districts.
“This is where a year and a half ago I came as defense minister on Shabbat to protest against religious coercion and against the closure of mini-markets on Shabbat,” said Liberman. “This is where the struggle against that law began, a law which I hope we will be able to repeal after the election.”

This is the environment that we operate under. Show me a leading American politician that openly mocks religion. 

The state that should never be called israel is a difficult place for religious practice on a good day. Now, it is coming after us. Please Hashem save us from these people. 

Let us take this opportunity, as we did in Persia, to respond to this crisis, to this threat of spiritual genocide, with repentance. Haman has the king's ear. He is issuing decrees.

What will we do?

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