Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Time to leave the land

The Israeli army is not a kosher. Don't tell me that frum people can daven and learn there, you know, daven quickly in the green fatigues while on a march. Judaism is above all obedience to Hashem, not army commanders. 

Armies are unnatural places. If a country is being invaded, you need an army and must deal with the tremendous costs of training young people to be obedient killers. They never get over that. I know numerous American veterans who now in their 80s still identify with the military and just can't seem to move on from their experiences in war and even peacetime service. Military training is abusive by nature. It destroys individuality. It breaks natural forms of obedience and converts them to obedience to the army command.

At the same time it teaches arrogance. You need arrogance to kill someone and the army teaches it in spades. The Israeli army is worst than most in that regard. 

Judaism is humility. Judaism is trust in the Almighty. Those are the most important things. We study Torah to connect to Hashem. We daven to connect to Him. Studying and davening while practicing arrogance is worthless.

The army teaches arrogance. It teaches swagger. It produces an obsession with the physical, with the body. It's entirely un-Jewish. Is the military culture that Israel employs created by Jews? No, it all comes from gentile military culture, even those green uniforms that don't seem to make much sense in the desert.

But Jews, being Jews, take that gentile military culture and turn it into a religion. Jews turn whatever they do into religion, even atheism. That's why the only preoccupation that's good for Jews is Torah life. Anything else becomes a mess.

Are Charedim needed for the Israeli army? No. Israel has not been invaded by a foreign army in 45 years and even that war was avoidable as were the two before that. The Israeli style is aggressiveness. They get themselves in conflicts and then try to guilt others into fighting the battles that they started.

The entire state of Israel comes from a bold act. The Zionists tried to force the end of exile by establishing a country in the midst of millions of people who didn't want them there. That's chutzpah. But it's also chutzpha because it opposes the Divine admonition recorded in the Talmud not to force the end of exile. If you do, says the Talmud based on Shir HaShirim, you will be served up for slaughter like a gazelle to carnivores. 

For all the Dati Leumi who disregard the Three Oaths from tractate Kesubos, what's to explain all the Arab aggression? Anti-semitism is the convenient answer, the answer for everything in Israel. But why come to that? The Gemara says if you force the end of exile, you will suffer like a gazelle from carnivores. And the Chumash tells us if you abandon the commandments you will set upon by every kind of harm. The Zionists are unusual historically speaking in that not only are they trying to force the end of exile but they are abandoning the commandments at the same time. And they wonder why they have enemies? Antisemitism they say over and over again.

So the Zionists forced the end of exile and Heaven sent enemies. And now the Zionists want to draft all the Charedim into the army because that's what they say is needed to fight antisemitism. How shallow is this logic? The genesis of the enemies is forcing the end of exile and the tossing away of the commandments. So what kind of response is a secular army and continuing to force the end of exile?

The Charedim didn't force the end of exile. The Charedim didn't abandon the commandments. The Charedim don't provoke the world. 

The draft means the end of true Judaism. It's that bad a threat. And I think Charedim need to leave the land. The Babylonians came and made the land inhabitable for faithful Jews. The Romans came and made the land inhabitable for faithful Jews. We have seen this before. Now the Zionists have come, traifed up the land, and produced a military culture, a military worship that constitutes idol worship and the destruction of the Jewish character. 

Israelis laugh at the Jewish character. They say they laugh at the shtetl Jew but they are really laughing at the Jew. They are laughing at the person of faith and humility. They prefer to be Israeli, which means aggressive and bold. They call us parasites for not wanting to be in their army, the one they use to force the end of exile, the one that has caused so much bloodshed, 25,000 Jews killed since 1947.

But they use the literature, language, history, and symbols that were created by Orthodox Jews and then refuse to be Orthodox themselves. Who are the parasites? 

They take 4 billion dollars a year from the USA, plus all kinds of advantageous trade arrangements. This is $500 per Israeli. They have taken a quarter of a trillion dollars from the USA over the decades. Now that's a parasite.

And how much have they taken from pushkas, how much tzedukah, much of it major tzedukah have they taken? Walk around Haddassah hospital and note all the plaques. You won't find an Israeli donor there. It's all chutzeh l'aretz, mostly America. Boca Raton, Beverley Hills, Brookline, Chicago, Brooklyn - American city after American city. These were handouts to Israel. I don't think that secular Israelis should start throwing around the charge of anyone being a parasite.

Charedim generally are very active in charity and chesed and trying to help. Whenever I ask for directions in Israel, the best help comes from Charedim. The Chilonim point sometimes, shrug their shoulders much of the time. The Charedim would love to help, but the army cannot be the way.  

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