Beit Shemesh Resource List

Musician Eliyahu Stein, keyboard and singing, will limit volume if you want, will play only traditional music if you want. Speaks American English.
Hatzalah 02-999-9992
Shatnez, English speaking 052-766-3411, 999-4725
Plumber, Lashon Kodesh, Yitzchok, 050-308-2583
Gemara tutor, Baruch Goldstein, Lashon Kodesh, 052-761-3026
Kav Halacha 02-569-5103,, halacha hotline, English
Home repair, Daniel Karl, English speaking, 054-709-3993
Electrician, Yehoshua Miller, English speaking, 054-240-3363
Orthodontist, Dr. Links 992-2712,, British
Appliance Repair, Moshe Umlaus, American 052-353-2590
Insurance, Egert and Cohen,
Haircut, Avromie, English speaking, 052-768-7012, NIS 35
Taxi, Dovale Perel, Lashon Kodesh, 0505-201604
Taxi 02-999-9997
Lashon Kodesh tutor, English speaking, Dov Schwartzbaum
Dentists for adults, Dr. Ari Stern, English speaking, 02-999-6046, 32/A Nachal Refaim St.
Police 100
Amb. 101
Fire 102

*English speaking generally means American, British, or South African. I believe all of the English speaking people I have listed here also speak good Hebrew.

R' Avigdor Miller z'tl Torah gemach. Books, tapes. 23/2 Nachal Revivim St., RBSA, 9A-7P (Sun-Th), 9A-12P (Fr), 999-5591

Clothing for Adults & Children. Large selection. 23/2 Nachal Revivim St., RBSA, 9A-7P,  (Sun-Thur), 9A-12P (Fr), 999-5591

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