Friday, June 14, 2019

Is the end near?

Let's review recent events. The sitting Prime Minister of the so-called Jewish state, the most popular and powerful leader since Ben-Gurion, tweeted: "The State of Israel will not become a halachic state." The former Defense Minister, A. Lieberman, holder of probably the 2nd most powerful position in the country, announced similarly, "we are against a halachic state."

The PM's tweet to which his son said essentially 'amen'

Let us remember that the Jewish nation came into being at Har Sinai and endures only via the halacha:

It was not the land that Moses had been commanded to proclaim to his people at the outset of his mission as מורשה, as the inheritance they were to preserve (Ex. 6,8). The Law, to be translated into full reality upon that soil, was to be the true מורשה, the one true, everlasting inheritance, the one true center around which the nation and its leaders were to gather as one united community. Herein lay the goal and the destiny, the character and the significance of the people. (Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch "The Kehillah," Collected Writings, Vol. VI, p. 62)
Through the halacha, we connect to Hashem. Without it, one gets stuck in the goshmiyus which becomes a bad replacement. The land becomes a false god. Even the Jewish people can become a false god. Of course, Zionists aren't interested in the Jewish people, only Zionist people as we saw during the Holocaust and afterwards when relief efforts for Jews were often thwarted by Zionist organizations unless they were directed at Jews who would move to Palestine or later Israel. I know a man who was told by Yad V'Shem, the Israel Holocaust museum, that they were only interested in Holocaust victims and survivors that were connected to the State of Israel in some way.

Then the Prime Minister appointed the first openly homosexual cabinet minister.  

first gay.JPG

Meanwhile, last week the formerly holy city of Jerusalem held its 18th annual homosexual pride parade of 30,000 people. The city hangs up rainbow flags for them. 

jeru gay.jpg
The parade route in Jerusalem with the rainbow flags installed by the city. Rainbow flags are a global symbol of homosexuality

And Jerusalem police are hiring trans-gender officers.

And I know Dati Leumi people who propose that we alter the nusach of the tefillah "build Yerusalayim" because the city has already been rebuilt and made Jewish. They call this Jewish.

Let us recall that the very Bible that the Zionists use to declare ownership of the land prohibits homosexuality.
If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. Vayikra 20:13

Today, Tel Aviv is holding it's annual gay-pride abomination parade of 250,000 people. That is 4% of the Jewish population of the country. If 4% of Americans showed up for a parade, there would be 13 million people. The gay-pride parade in San Francisco, a city which is world famous for its acceptance and promotion of homosexuality, gets only 50,000 people. Metro San Francisco is home to 4.7 million people. Metro Tel Aviv with 3.8 million people gets 5x the participation in raw numbers. 

Lubavitcher Rebbe's talk on homsexuality

Yesterday, Haaretz published an article stating that the State of Israel leads the Western world in late term abortions performed if there is even a small chance of even minor birth defects. HaGaon Moshe Feinstein zt'l, posek hador, ruled that abortion in general is murder and absolutely prohibited to prevent birth of a baby with birth defects. (Iggros Moshe- Choshen Mishpat- 2:69) Furthermore, he ruled that even amniocentesis is forbidden if it is performed only to evaluate for birth defects for which the parents might request an abortion. Abortion is permitted only to save the life of the mother.

Since 1948, the State of Israel has performed well more than 1 million abortions. 

"There are three who drive away the Divine Presence from the world, making it impossible for the Holy One, blessed be He, to fix His abode in the universe and causing prayer to go unanswered... [The Third is] he who causes the fetus to be destroyed in the womb, for he destroys the artifice of the Holy One, blessed be He,, and His workmanship.... For these abominations, the Spirit of Holiness weeps." Zohar, Shemos 3b.

Here's how they do abortions after the 24th week of pregnancy at which time the fetus theoretically can live outside the womb. They kill the fetus by injection of a substance into its heart, then give birth to it. 

Talmud Yoma 9a:
Why was the first Sanctuary destroyed? Because of three [evil] things which prevailed there: idolatry, immorality, bloodshed. 
One wonders if the end is not very near. How much more of this will the Master of the Universe tolerate?


  1. As important as it is to point these things out, I think it is at least as important to point out the corruption of the current rabbinic system. That might be an even bigger threat than what secular people do.

    1. Is this something you have been told? Is this some propaganda you heard as part of the on-going religion bashing of Zionism? Are the rabbis are murdering babies? You have some information on that? I know you don't. You have been affected by your environment. Here's something else the wonderful state is doing. Imprisoning young girls and putting them in solitary confinement. That's called torture: "
      We’ve all heard the stories of people upon entering Eretz Yisrael becoming overcome with emotion to tread on such holy land. However, it was not so for Tehila bas Aliza [Shira], whom we reported on before Shavuos. Her parents divorced and she grew up without a stable home. She drifted away from yiddishkeit. She then went to America, were she strengthened her yiddishkeit. After five years away, she longed to return to Eretz Yisroel. At the airport her papers were found not in order and she was arrested. Recognizing her weak background, she was pressured to join the army, or sit in jail. She chose jail. Once one is jailed for “evading” the army, they must wear a military uniform. She was told she must don the green clothes, however, at the moment no modest clothes were “available”. She refused, and was placed in solitary confinement, with limited food and phone use." (The Sentry)

  2. It is a combination of my own observations and information from other people (shomrei mitzvos).

    I am not trying to minimize the severity of the examples you cited from chilonim. But we should not overlook what is going on in the rabbinic system.

    1. I agree. Some of it is because of Zionism though. Because of the draft and because of Charedim-hatred in Israel, Charedi men can't work. It creates poverty and enormous pressures.