Thursday, June 13, 2019

Only in Israel

"This morning, a girl entered the Lishkas HaGiyus on Rechov Rashi in Yerushalayim. She went to arrange a petur from the army. The army demanded she first pass a rayon dat, a test to prove she is religious. The officials were unsatisfied with the results and refused to grant a petur. They demanded she immediately begin the enlistment process. The girl refused to enlist and broke down sobbing. Meanwhile, her plight became known, and a large tzibbur of hundreds rushed to protest and to prevent her transfer. Baruch Hashem, after a number of hours she was released. To give an idea of how easy it is to fail a rayon dat, consider one of the famous trip-up questions; what were the names of the two houses in the times of the Mishnayos? Give up? Bais Shamai and Bais Hillel, of course. Didn’t get it, sorry, you are obviously not religious and must enter the army." From the Sentry

Only in Israel. It's amazing the heartlessness of some of the people in the draft office and all those who cheer them on. Making a young girl sob. Bullies. I'm sorry to say it but having a heart of stone is not uncommon in Israeli society. The founders of the country hardened their hearts towards Hashem and Jewish tradition. Then they developed a militaristic identity which their descendants want to impose on everyone. Along with that comes a hatred for everyone, Arabs, Europeans, liberals, 2 billion Moslems, Charedim. They are all out to get us is the claim. It becomes a hate fest. Aliyah salesman talk about the sabra, rough on the outside and soft on the inside. I believe that's a relic of a time long gone by. If ever you meet a Sabra in Israel, usually he's over 60, and his father was from Poland or Yemen. The new generation is 70 years deep into militarism. And many of them are quite scary. 

Now who came to this girl's rescue? I have seen it before. It was men in long coats, long beards, and long payus. It was men who ignoramuses sometimes actually label as anti-Semites because they protest against the state, the secular state whose democratically elected Prime Minister of many years opposes halacha. Meanwhile, the so-called anti-Semites are the ones who mobilized on behalf of this poor Jewish girl. Safe to say there wasn't anybody there with a knitted yarmulka. It was men who worship Hashem and love His people who came to her rescue. If you worship Hashem you will love His people. If you worship the state, you will love the armed enforcers of its heretical policies.

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