Thursday, April 18, 2019

Do not steal the afikomen

The Popular Minhag of “Stealing” the Afikomen. Not Everyone Does It.

summary of shiur by Rav Binyamin Shlomo Hamburger (

Video of shiur here in Lashon Kodesh

You'll see the inside of the Bene Brak Ashkenaz shul

Credit toהאם-יש-מקום-לגניבת-אפיקומן/

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Film of Jacob Breuer

Mr. Jacob Breuer 1999

Principal of RSRH and Editor of Fundamentals of Judaism, son of Rav Joseph Breuer of KAJ WH

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


In case you were wondering, the history of United Torah Judaism results in the elections. Note, I believe the final count for this year is 8 seats. Posting this information is not an endorsement of voting.

Election results[edit]  (Wikipedia)

1992Avraham Yosef Shapira86,1673.29Decrease 7th
4 / 120
Decrease 3Opposition
1996Meir Porush98,6573.23Decrease 8th
4 / 120
1999Meir Porush125,7413.80Decrease 9th
5 / 120
Increase 1Coalition
2003Yaakov Litzman135,0874.29Increase 8th
5 / 120
2006Yaakov Litzman147,0914.69Steady 8th
6 / 120
Increase 1Opposition
2009Yaakov Litzman147,9544.39Decrease 6th
5 / 120
Decrease 1Coalition
2013Yaakov Litzman195,8925.16Steady 6th
7 / 120
Increase 2Opposition
2015Yaakov Litzman210,1434.99Decrease 9th
6 / 120
Decrease 1Coalition
2019Yaakov Litzman248,4435.77Increase 4th
7 / 120
Increase 1TBD

Apparently, A. Lieberman doesn't like the increase in Charedi voting at all. He said, “Unfortunately, the religious and ultra-Orthodox factions grew to 21 or 22 Knesset seats. I see this as a threat to the ideals of (Zionist revisionist leader Ze’ev) Jabotinsky. This is something I am concerned about….” (Former Israeli Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman) 

If that’s how the Minister of Defense feels about Charedim, the army cannot be a suitable place for them.