Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Do not put a stumbling-block

"Parents, teachers, brothers and sisters, friends and all of you who exert influence by deed and by the written or spoken word, on young souls – they are blind of mind and their minds are illumined by the light of your mind; what you, by your word and example, tell them to be true and good will be regarded by them as true and good for a long time, and they will base their life on it until they are able to judge for themselves. Do not put a stumbling-block into their path. Woe to them if you are not honest with them, if you present to them false doctrine as the truth, evil as good, falsehood as truth, if you turn night into day and the daylight of truth into darkness. One day they will awake and curse you, and God will hear that curse! Fear Him, if you do not fear human beings – He sees into your hearts....Woe to you, woe if even one single human soul accuses you before the Supreme Judge’s Throne of having stolen, not his honour, peace, or pleasure, but God and morality and thus crushed the life out of his life!" R' Hirsch, Horeb.

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