Friday, July 15, 2016

R' Koppel Charif

R' Koppel Charif was a great scholar who ran the most prestigious yeshiva in Hungary. The Chasom Sofer eulogies him in parshas Vayichi of Toras Moshe. Koppel Chairf originally was from Bavaria, Germany. His family hails from the city of Altenkunstadt in Bavaria, Southern Germany.

" Verbau itself contained one of the oldest and largest Jewish communities in the Neitra region. It boasted an impressive list of renowned rabbonim including R' Koppel Charif, R' Binyomin Zev Loew, and R' Chaim Zvi Mannheimer. R' Koppel Charif was one of the outstanding disciples of the famed Noda B'Yehudah. Early in his tenure as Rav of the community and head of its yeshivah [5552-5596 (1792-1836)], the yeshivah became the most prestigious yeshivah in all of Hungary, both in the size of its student body and in the advanced level of its study. (Guardian of Jerusalem, Rav Shlomo Zalman Sonnenfeld, p. 16)"

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