Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Golders Green Beth Hamedrash Congregation - Munk's

"The Golders Green Beth Hamedrash (popularly known as Munks or GGBH) is an independent Ashkenazi Orthodox Jewish congregation located in Golders GreenLondonUnited Kingdom. It was founded in 1936 in the King Alfred Shul,[clarification needed] and was located for many years in the Lincoln Institute in Broad Walk Lane. It moved to its present location in The Riding in 1956. It was founded by "Yekkish" Jews (strictly traditional Ashkenazic Jews mainly from Germany), among them the Chover, Henry (Heinrich) Aharon Meir Rosenfelder." (Wikipedia)

Official Site page

Newspaper Notice of Rabbi Eli Munk's Passing

I'm not sure but I believe this book was dedicated by the congregation in memory of R' Munk.

This is not the same Eli Munk we know from being a  translator of Torah works.


  1. I heard the shul keeps most of the Berlin minhagim as brought down in Minhagei Kehal Adas Ysroel (

    1. I heard the same. Also the reason they didn't call themselves Adas Yisroel was due to fear of backlash for being so openly German durin the 30s.