Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Only in Israel

A family in Bnei Brak home schooled their two girls. They were thus unaware that they must send in army exemption papers, as this is normally arranged through the school. When it came to their attention, it was too late and the army demanded they present themselves at the Lishkas HaGiyus for a religious test, which is strictly forbidden, and they refused. They therefore are legally considered draft dodgers. Last Wednesday they were at the Kosel, when they were approached by police, who demanded their identification. The mother whispered to them, “Don’t reveal who you are, thereby placing yourselves in spiritual danger of army coercion.” They remained silent, and were handcuffed and arrested. They were taken to a prison were no kosher food was available and languished there without eating. On Sunday, the mother compromised with police, they will reveal their identity, if they will not be given over to military police. The police slyly released the girls, with military police waiting outside to pick them up. They are currently jailed in military prison number four, where they refuse to don army clothes and are therefore sitting in solitary confinement. The names for Tehillim are, Moriah Leah bas Bruria and Orah Chaya bas Bruria. Two polar extremes, mesiras nefesh of the past, and unparalleled cruelty of dark chapters of our history. [the Sentry]
 The State of Israel - not a safe place for Charedi Jews.

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