Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Minhag Ashkenaz/Yekke Minyan this Friday night in Beit Shemesh Ramat Aleph

Shabbos Chazon, parshas Devarim, 8 Av, Aug. 9, Friday night, Mincha 7:15 PM.

Write for address.

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  1. Attention all yekkes in Beit Shemesh

    Minhag Frankfurt minyan for this Shabbos and Tisha beav

    Netai Meir School
    Nadvorna Street
    Beitar Illit

    Maariv Motzai Shabbos 8:30 with Eichah and Kinnos

    Shacharis at 8 with all piyitum and Kinnos sung by our esteemed Hazzan

    Minchah followed immediately by Maariv at 7

    I am willing to pay towards a taxi group for Tisha Beav day

    Please call Josh Shalet


    Or email shalet.joshua@gmail.com