Friday, February 27, 2015

Film Footage of Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Kohn

This film is something of a treasure trove for German Orthodoxy. This time we have a non-TIDE figure according to the Wikipedia - even though he had a PhD of his own and great respect for R' Hirsch. See 2:55 in the film.

"He was a student and an admirer of Hildesheimer and S.R. Hirsch, nevertheless he remained throughout his life an "old" German Jew. He judged neo-orthodoxy critically, with all due respect for Hirsch. His primary contention was that whereas Hirsch based Judaism on an ideology, old German Jewry was based simply on living life as a Jew. Dr Kohn felt that the traditional Jewish world outlook is formed by the inner experience of observing the Torah and through the external world experiences that are encountered as Jews." Wikipedia

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