Tuesday, November 10, 2015

From Quora.com: Are Germans content to earn 19% less than Americans in 2014?

Ravi Sharma, 5 years in Germany

Yes , I am content. I reach home around six pm and able to spend time with my son who will never be four years young again.

My manager don't expect me to answer any business call after 6 pm.

I enjoy the freedom of unlimited sick leaves and this saves me from lot of  stress.

My family is insured and any health issues are handled in cashless systematic way.

At work, I am motivated not by money but excellent colleagues who aim for efficiency, optimization, and a serious drive to improve the status quo.

I forgot to say, I am a foreigner here and haven't managed to pick up the language yet, but the system here ensured my integration and provided me with opportunities to do so.

It's not a perfect world, but Germany is focused on doing important things right."

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