Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Rebbe on Parnassah

Greeting and Blessing:

On the first day of Shevat, as the Torah relates (Deut. 1:3), Moshe Rabbeinu [Moses] began the recitation of the Book of Devorim [Deut.] - Mishne Torah [Repetition of the Torah].

The timing of the Repetition of the Torah was significant for the Jews in that it served to prepare them for their entry into the Promised Land. On the verge of leaving a place where for years they had no material care, since all their needs in the way of food, clothing and shelter had been miraculously provided (by means of the Manna, the Well, the Clouds of Glory, etc), and before settling down in a land, and way of life, which necessitate tilling, sowing, reaping, and all other mundane preoccupations - the Jews had to receive a special measure of spiritual invigoration and admonition, so that they should not become materialistic and debased in the material world that lay ahead, but - on the contrary - would instill holiness into, and spiritualize and elevate, the material aspects of daily life, transforming the material into the spiritual, by means of the Torah and Mitzvoth [commandments], Tzedoko [charity] and acts of lovingkindness.

Such is also the function of yeshivoth, especially in recent generations.

Some people think that the main purpose of a Yeshiva is to train Rabbis, Shochetim [ritual slaughterers], and other Jewish clergymen. This is not so, for the essential and main purpose is to create Jewish laymen, who, before going out into the world of business, trade, or profession, would be imbued and permeated with Torah and Yiras Shomayim [fear of heaven], and later, living within this world, would be capable of elevating their entire environment by inspiring every Jew they come in contact with, with love of G-d, love of the Torah, and love of fellow-Jew - in actual daily practice.

Letters By the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Vol. I, Tishrei-Adar, p. 260 and LChaimWeekly

Is this not the most encouraging message about earning a living that you have ever heard? One usually hears that either one may forced to earn a living but while you are there you can practice your honesty in the filthy environment -- not the most encouraging send off message. With Hirsch, you are contributing to your host society, which is more encouraging. Here you are sanctifying the physical and sharing love. Wow. 

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