Thursday, March 1, 2018

only after

This is the plea for the גאולה of the entire Jewish community, for whom there can be no חרות while it is in galuth. Its redemption will begin only once all of its members will be gathered together out of this dispersion in order to be reunited. But such a reunion cannot be brought out by human action or even only through the intermediary of human effort; we must wait for God Himself to sound the Shofar. Even as the individual can hope for גאולה 

(ראה בענינו )

only after he has first passed through the states of daa'th, teshuvah and selichah, so our people can expect collective geulah only after all of us have re-acquired for ourselves the only true perspective of things, and after we all will have returned to His law and to His faithful service so as to be deserving of forgiveness and pardon. Any allegation that deliverance can be obtained by other means than those is nothing but dangerous folly.

R' Samson Raphael Hirsch, Commentary on Siddur, p. 138 on the bracha “Sound the great Shofar for our freedom”

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