Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Almost Heaven, West of Broadway

I once attended a motzei Shabbos gathering at Breuer's, can't recall if it was a kollel dinner or something else, where I marveled at what I saw, and this is what I saw:

A very mentchlick buffet table with serving forks and just very clean looking neat food. Not lavish, but not cheap. Tables were likewise set up with napkins forks. Higher grade metallic looking plastic stuff. So tasteful but not lavish.

All about the room were men in suits and hats, and modest women in short sheitls. There was a table of rabbanim.

It was like a yeshivish gathering with better table manners and more friendly people. And then I saw out of the corner of my eye, a man playing music on a piano. Classical music.

I thought to myself - am I in heaven? Why did I have to search for 25 years to find this.

Here's an invitation to an upcoming senior outing at Lincoln Center.


  1. Did husbands sit with wives at the same table?

  2. As I recall, there were men only tables and women only for the most part and then 1 or 2 mixed with husbands and wives.