Sunday, January 1, 2017

Linked Article - Between Frankfurt and Tzfas by Boruch Clinton

"Specifically, I'd like to explore embracing Rabbi S.R. Hirsch's views on the goals and impact of mitzva observance as opposed to those of the "Tzfas" interpretation of the Zohar and other related works. The differences between these two world-views are far more than purely theoretical and stand close to the very core of how we see our relationship with G-d and the way we approach mitzvos and tefila. Let's begin by mapping out the key differences."

Between Frankfurt and Tzfas by Boruch Clinton

It's a great article and an important one. If I have one criticism of the article it's that the concern over whether we are allowed to dismiss  tzfat and go with Hirsch reflects the tzfat perspective (or just the contemporary one) that there's only one face to Torah when in fact there are 70. It doesn't even matter if the tzfat approach came from heaven. One still can follow his  gadol and Hirsch certainly qualifies as an authoritative and reliable voice of a Torah perspective. In other words, both views can be right. There doesn't have to be a contest with a winner.

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