Thursday, January 5, 2017

A gentile face is also the image of Hashem

"To love your fellow means your fellow Jew. A fellow Jew is a Jew who shares your commitment to the Torah. Now, it doesn't mean you have to hate him, or hate gentiles; you also have to treat gentiles with respect -- they're Tzelem Elokim. It's important to realize; a gentile face is also the image of Hashem. You have to respect human beings. Even when the Egyptians were being drowned in the sea because they pursued the B'nei Yisroel, and wanted to take vengeance on them and the Egyptians were drowned, Hashem told the angels, "Don't sing a song of victory because my handiwork is drowning in the sea. I don't want to hear my song.' So Hashem considers every person precious." R' Avigdor Miller, E-235, Q&A: Thursday Nights with Rabbi Avidgor Miller 2, p. 240

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