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Linked Article from 5 Towns Jewish News - 5,000 Girls Rally Against Today’s Fashion (1969)

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5,000 Girls Rally Against Today’s Fashion

By Nison Gordon, z’l

Translated by P. Samuels

Translator’s Note: The following is a translation of an article written by Nison Gordon, z’l, probably in Der Morgen Journal. The clipping came to us without a date. While trying to get information as to when this took place, I contacted the venue, The Brooklyn Academy of Music. They had a flood in 1977, so all rental records prior to that date were lost. I finally tracked down someone who was an 11th-grader in 1969 when this rally took place. She told me that it was quite impressive, as there hadn’t been too many mass meetings of religious Jews at that time. She also remembered that Rebbetzin Vichna Kaplan, a’h, the legendary founder of the first Bais Yaakov high school and seminary, was another featured speaker. If any reader has any more information, please contact the editor.

Tzniyus is usually translated as “modesty.” It also encompasses  distancing oneself from anything that can be construed as immoral or provocative. • • •

A study in contrasts took place in New York last Monday. Two diverse groups, more different and distant in philosophy and outlook than east and west, both took action against the newest styles. In New York, the Screen Actors Guild held a press conference to protest against some immoral ways they were forced to act as part of their jobs. They must be depraved if it invoked the ire of the actors who in effect are complaining of heat after they are to blame for igniting the fire. Read Full Article

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  1. To clarify the relevance of the article to this site - a publication against the new, immodest fashions was distributed at the rally, and it bore the signatures (names) of Rav Shimon Schwab zt"l and Rav Dr. Joseph Breuer zt"l of KAJ.