Friday, March 30, 2018

The Lehman Haggadah

This gem was written by Rabbi Marcus Lehman of Mainz, a contemporary of R' Hirsch,  and translated into English in 1974.

Here's a sample:

“The actual Essence of God is love, inexhaustible, unbounded love. Where both this love and the name of God are unrecognised and God therefore finds it necessary to maintain and preserve His glory from lack of recognition and waywardness, it is 'כבוד ה the glory of God which procures recognition by storm, judgement and punishment. Where God appeares in punitive form, as in the overthrow of the Egyptians, and with devoted love, as in the liberation of His people, He reveals Himself ובעצמו בכבודו in His glory and His whole real Being. Here God appears on the one hand as the sublime, unapproachable and inviolable Holiness, who disseminates death and fear, whereas on the other hand He appears as the source of all love and blessings, all existence and hope, or expressed in other terms: as הקדוש on the one hand, and ברוך הוא the other. קדוש expresses the concept כבודי
(ונקדש בכבודי ) whereas the description of עצמו in shortened from is ברוך הוא
R' Marcus Lehman, Passover Haggadah, pp. 131-2

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