Sunday, March 24, 2019

An opera singer you may never haver heard of and a culture long gone goodbye

Jussi Björling sings Nessun Dorma (Digitally Remastered)

This is a remarkable voice. Pavarotti was in awe of him and refused to even be compared to him. He said, "When I'm about to train a new opera, I first listen to how Jussi Björling did it. His voice was unique and it's his path that I want to follow. I would more than anything else wish that people compared me with Jussi Björling. It's like so I'm striving to sing."

Now, the librettos in opera in my opinion can be quite inane and decadent. But if you don't know Italian or German and just hear the music, it can be elegant and moving and show the power of the human voice that the Creator created. I doubt it was ever wise to go to an opera in any era, but today it would be unwise to go to any classical music or art event or display as decadence has overtaken the entire world, including that part of it.

Björling died rather young at 49.

Here's more of him with video.

Notice the orchestra in ties and jackets. Notice the Swedish audience. Men in jackets and ties, women dressed to the top of the neck, short tied up hair. They sit respectfully here in 1953. They applaud politely. They are more modest than most Orthodox Jews today. How the world has sunk. I mourn for what was. Once upon a time, people really were like this.

One more. Jussi Bjorling - Che Gelida Manina. I have no idea what even the title means and I'll keep it that way. But oh the music, the voice.

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