Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Opera singers who died young

A few months back we had a post of classical music composers who died young. Here are some opera singers who died young. Life is short. Get in your mitzvos now.

Richard Tucker, age 62

Wolfgang Windgassen, age 60

Richard Tauber, cigarette card.jpg
Richard Tauber, age 56

Francesco Tamagno is listed (or ranked) 30 on the list Famous Male Opera Singers
Francesco Tamagno, age 55

Vincenzo La Scola, age 53

Jussi Björling, age 49
Jussi Björling - Ack Värmeland du sköna

Enrico Caruso, age 48
Enrico Caruso - La Donna e Mobile (Remastered)
Enrico Caruso - E lucevan le stelle 1904. Digitally remastered.

Francesco Rasi is listed (or ranked) 13 on the list Famous Male Opera Singers
Francesco Rasi, age 47

Salvatore Licitra, age 43

Mario Lanza, age 38
Mario Lanza - Dicitencello Vuie
Mario Lanza Che Gelida Manina 1949   What a voice this man had. It's a bracha. And he was from South Phillie, not some glamorous European country. Sadly, he got involved in Hollywood, which tore his health apart.

Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick (July 22, 1983 – April 23, 2019) was an American soprano singer
age 33

As I mentioned in a prior post about opera, the librettos are generally decadent and foolish. Those were written by men. But Hashem created the voice and a great voice is a wonder and a bracha. Actually, the ability to speak at all is a wonder. And all the more so gifted singing. It's too bad they wasted their voices on opera. Should have sung songs of praise to Hashem. The fame and fortune are short lived, especially for these people. But praise of Hashem lives forever.

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